The Kansas Prayer Breakfast has been an ongoing annual event for over fifty years.

The idea of the Prayer Breakfast was based on a concept developed in April, 1953 in Seattle, Washington. At the time, Seattle faced a critical situation in the life of their city. Nineteen business executives gathered, in an effort to search for new direction in their city and their lives. They met weekly for breakfast and study, with the Bible as their text. Through this they were able to apply spiritual guidance to their personal, domestic and business lives, and in turn, the city of Seattle began to experience progress and positive turn in governmental and civic affairs.

As a result of the success of the idea of weekly meetings, discussion and prayer spread across the nation. By 1941, in Washington, D.C. Senators and Representatives began holding similar meetings.

In 1953, under the leadership of Senator Frank Carlson and President Dwight D. Eisenhower the First Presidential Prayer Breakfast was held. In 1970, the name of the gathering was changed to the Annual National Prayer Breakfast, President Eisenhower once said, “The problems of the world are so great that they won’t be solved unless the leaders get together and pray.

In that spirit in the early winter of 1961, a small group of business and professional men organized the first Annual Governor’s Prayer Breakfast with the aid and encouragement of Governor John Anderson. It was held in Topeka on January 25, 1962 with Senator Frank Carlson as the first keynote speaker.

The Kansas Governor’s Prayer Breakfast has continued on an annual basis since that time. The name has been changed from the Governor’s Prayer Breakfast to the Kansas Prayer Breakfast in alignment with the President’s Prayer Breakfast title that changed to the National Prayer Breakfast. The Kansas Prayer Breakfast is sponsored each year by Topeka Fellowship, Inc. which consists of a group of business and professional men who meet weekly for Bible study and discussion.

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